Teeth Whitening

Melissa, TX Teeth Whitening With Take Home Whitening Kit

For patients seeking a professional at-home alternative for brighter smiles, we offer bleaching trays which have excellent results.

Why do Teeth Become Stained?

The two main causes of tooth discolouration are damage to the enamel, and eating or drinking staining foods. Staining food and drinks include almost anything with a strong colour. Tobacco, wine, coffee, tea and pop are particularly notorious for staining. Foods such as beetroot, blueberries, tomatoes and vinegar are also known to stain teeth.

Because there are so many substances that can stain your teeth, many of which are nutrionally very good for you, and often very good for your teeth too, it is not a good policy simply to try to avoid any food that might stain your teeth. The alternative therefore is to clean your teeth regularly and to use tooth whitening if necessary.

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