Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

If the tooth is determined to have a dying pulp, Dr. Parsi can perform a root canal, which involves removing the pulp, and then cleaning out and sealing the canal to protect the remaining tooth structure. Following this procedure, Dr. Parsi will either put a filling in the space or crown, depending on the amount of missing tooth structure.

When Should I Get a Root Canal?

Inside each tooth is the dental pulp, which runs like a thread down through the tooth, providing the nutrients and sensation via nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp is diseased or injured, it slowly dies and can cause a lot of pain in the process. If we catch the problem early enough, we can avoid a root canal all together and prevent the pulp from dying and spreading bacteria. If treated too late, the chance, if any, of saving the tooth may be lost and the disease can spread to adjacent teeth.

What’s Special About Root Canals?

In the past, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, it would usually have to be pulled. However, with the advancement of dentistry, and the development of the root canal procedure, all or part of that tooth can now be saved if caught early enough. Even better, your Melissa, TX dentist Dr. Nadia can do it all quickly and painlessly.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Does your tooth look grey, feel sensitive to hot/cold/sweet, or wake you up from pain at night? Do you see a pimple on your gums near a once sensitive tooth? Are you sensitive to chewing on your tooth? Answering yes to any of these is reason for concern for your oral and overall health, and root canal by Melissa Dentist Dr. Nadia may be the perfect solution.

Painless Root Canal in Melissa, TX

At Paradise Dental in Melissa, TX, a root canal is a relatively simple, routine procedure with little or no patient discomfort, and from one to three visits are usually required.

If you have questions about root canals or want to find out if root canal therapy is right for you, come visit Paradise Dental in Melissa, TX and we’ll gladly answer any questions you might have! Paradise Dental – Proudly offering dental veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and comprehensive family dentistry to the Melissa area since 2008.

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